Because of Reliv: I Earned a Rookie Bonus!






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Pam Harrelson & Jerry Hatcher

We became Master Affiliates on December 31. Our strength came from our sponsor. It was her keeping us focused and encouraged that helped us earn the Rookie Bonus. She has been through everything we are going through now, which makes it so important and easy to follow her lead on our own journey. We achieved success by simply telling our story. We never forget that we first started with Reliv because we heard a story, and we never lose sight of what the products did for us in the first place.


Evon Morton

I joined Reliv in December after an accident left me with a broken hip. Life changed very quickly; I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do, but I was ready for more changes to come. Reliv has been the best of those changes. What I love about being a Reliv Distributor is offering hope to other people. When you find something that you are passionate about, it’s very easy to talk about it. Reliv’s products sell themselves because they work. I may have started out slow in my wheelchair, but now I’m walking, slowly but surely. I am looking forward to running wherever Reliv leads me!


Karen Armacost

My journey with Reliv actually began 10 years ago. After going through a divorce and having to take some time off, I knew Reliv was going to be there again when I was ready to get back on my feet. Once I came back to the business, I hit the ground running. I just started meeting people where they were and committed to listening and helping them. I have always said “I don’t know any strangers.” I love my job with Reliv. I got a re-do button and I couldn’t be more grateful for my Rookie Bonus to kick start my second chance.


Gail & William Lykens

We joined Reliv in late October. Having a wonderful sponsor who has been there to guide us has been a major key to our success. Our excitement is contagious, and our eagerness to tell our story and share our business makes connecting with others easy. It has been a very rewarding experience and fills a gap for us. We had been caregivers for several years before, and now we feel just as rewarded as we continue to help others with Reliv. We are in it for life!


Julie Umphlette

I decided to sign up as a Master Affiliate on Christmas Day after I saw amazing results from the products. My passion is playing tennis, and when my husband and I stopped needing ibuprofen and ice after our games, we knew we had found something special. I tried other home businesses before, but Reliv was different because it really is so simple: you work your business and you see return almost immediately. Everyone in Reliv has such a genuine interest in helping me grow my business. I truly believe that the only way you can fail with Reliv is if you stop telling people about it.

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The Rookie Bonus and the new MA Super Pack make becoming a Reliv Master Affiliate more rewarding than ever.



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