April 2014 Recognition




CongratsBB-webJoin us in congratulating the following Reliv Distributors who earned cash bonuses in the month of April! 

10. Shirley Nielsen from Nebraska, $250
9. Dennis & Robbin Mckinzie from Oklahoma, $300
8. Asad Hassan & Fatuma Timayare from CANADA, $350
7. Miranda Tarr from Indiana, $400
6. Anne Knudsen from Virginia, $450
5. Fowsyia Jama from CANADA, $500
4. Jorge & Martha Lopez from Texas, $600
3. Hollie Boehme from Utah, $700
2. Farhiya Farah from CANADA, $800
1. Angela Nicholls from Massachusetts, $1,000

(each receives $100)
Eileen Bendiksen from Massachusetts
Anne & Tom Bethell from Oklahoma
Zamzam Farah from CANADA
Grace Haehl from Indiana
Kimberly Livaudais from Virginia
Crismon & Vivienne Lewis from Oregon
Feliciano Mendoza from Texas
Hawa Muse from CANADA
Valerie Shepherd from Nebraska

KEY DIRECTORS and Dr. Ted plaque winner
Robin & Mont Butler from Pennsylvania, $500

Scott & Dawn Weaver from Pennsylvania

TOP 5 PGPV –  Quest for Quebec winners
5. Dave & Jean Zuro from Illinois
4. Sherri & Mark Selman from Georgia
3. Rita & Jaime Montenegro from California (Dr. Ted plaque winner)
2. Aurora & Raul Paredes from Texas (Dr. Ted plaque winner)
1. Scott & Dawn Weaver from Pennsylvania (Dr. Ted plaque and Humanitarian award winner)

Special Canadian Top 3 PGPV Promotion
1. Farhiya Farah, Calgary, AB – $1,000
2. Florence and Elo Sauder, Wallenstein, ON – $750
3. Fowsyia Jama, Toronto, ON – $500



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