Get on Board: Ruby Princess Caribbean Cruise, April 2014


I certainly wasn’t in Kansas anymore. I loved the beaches and palm trees, but it was more about spending time with Reliv leaders. I met so many classy, entrepreneurial go-getters all in one place. Make the decision that you’ll be on the next trip, work hard for it and you’ll get there.
Lori Doerneman, Goddard, KS

I signed on as a Master Affiliate with about three hours to spare New Year’s Eve — the entry deadline for the cruise drawing. I just knew I was going to go. Reliv trips do not disappoint, and I plan to earn my next one!
Melissa A. Robbins, Concord, NH

One thought on “Get on Board: Ruby Princess Caribbean Cruise, April 2014

  1. Reliv will spoil you rotten on these trips… we know for we’ve been on many over the years. Reliv MAKES DREAMS COME TRUE! My family and I have enjoyed FAMILY FREEDOM, TIME FREEDOM AND FINANCIAL FREEDOM thanks to Reliv. I have had 18 years with my children as a stay at home mom and I wouldn’t trade a minute of that for my old corporate job. We love meeting up with our Extended Reliv family on these trips and I would encourage you to get on the next trip Reliv is offering. Quebec anyone??? That is our next goal. Thank you again Reliv for giving us a passion and purpose that we use in helping others. It’s time to take Reliv to the BILLION Like Bob dollar company it will be thanks to all involved with Reliv. It’s Time!

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