Big Business Across the Pond

Explosive growth continues in Europe — with no signs of slowing down!

Where can you find Reliv’s fastest growing market? Just look on the other side of the
Atlantic. With 2013 now in the books, Reliv has recorded four straight years of sustained
sales growth in Europe, and all signs point to continued expansion.
Their key to success? “Sticking to the basics,” says Eric Vill, Managing Director of Reliv
EU. “We have a tremendous group of leaders in Europe who have championed the
simple strategies that work in building a Reliv business. They make it easy for new
people to jump right in and start earning. The results speak for themselves.”

Mainland Europe in particular saw tremendous growth in 2013 with the number
of new Distributors increasing my more than 30% and total sales nearly doubling.

It was a big year in many ways. In January 2013, Reliv EU relocated its headquarters,
quadrupling its office and warehouse space and doubling its staff. In April, Reliv
officially opened in France, the sixth country of operation in Europe. And in October,
Reliv Chairman and CEO Robert L. Montgomery travelled to Paris to be part of the
biggest conference in Reliv EU history.

“We’ve got something great going,” Eric adds. “Watch out Reliv USA — we’re coming
to get you!” 

Augustin-webOlivia Augustin: Netherlands
I was skeptical about direct selling, but after taking the products and experiencing great results,I started taking the business seriously. During my first three months I helped 10 people improve their health, with four of them joining me in the business. Now I’m busy building a stable Reliv distribution network. My goals are to replace my husband’s income so we can spend more time together and help others enjoy the Reliv lifestyle.

Ershova-webMaria Ershova: Germany
I am so excited to have achieved the Key Director level with Reliv! I made it happen by focusing on others instead of myself. When they succeeded, I succeeded right along with them. The future is bright and my big goal is that my husband, who travels every day, can quit his job. My vision is to make 10 millionaires! My advice: keep your goal in front of you, give more, expect nothing in return and you will get where you want to go.


Schoen-webRene & Jacqueline Schön: Austria
We became Reliv Ambassadors by working with our team. The sooner you understand that it is all about teamwork, the quicker everybody reaches their personal goals. Setting smaller goals and reaching them keeps us motivated and drives our business. With Reliv we see that we are doing something worthwhile and being rewarded for helping others – and improving our own quality of life along the way.

Chassey-webJean de Chassey: France
I’m really excited to be a Reliv Ambassador! I used to think it could happen only in a distant future, but Reliv success can come when you least expect it. Our goal is to have the freedom to change our way of life, so that my wife and I can pursue Reliv full time and take care of our little girl, Lucile, and all our children to come!


Abdillahi-webZulfat Ahmed & Mohamed Abdillahi: UK
When we joined Reliv, it wasn’t our main goal to become Ambassadors, but as our business started to grow quickly, our rank began to change too. This was when we the idea of becoming Reliv Ambassadors became real. The key to Reliv success is to be honest and humble. Focus on your goals and, most importantly, love and enjoy what you do!



Eglantine & Joseph Lerolle: France
My Reliv business allows me choose my hours to fit around time with my children. My husband, Joseph, works away from home and used to have to travel for two hours a day. Reliv allowed us to move closer to Joseph’s job so that we can spend more time together. We dream of owning our own house and traveling to see my best friends who live in Australia and the UAE, and with Reliv I’m confident we can make that dream a reality!


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