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Boston 2014By Reliv Vice President of International Joseph Wojcik

To borrow a line from Reliv Distributors Joni Schwarz and Tony Pezzullo – I did not necessarily want to go back to Boston. I felt like I had to go. The 118th running of the Boston Marathon was a special event this year in light of the tragedies that took place at last year’s finish line. Boston has always had significant meaning for me as it was a race that I used to run with my father and uncle every year and this was to be my sixth consecutive Boston Marathon. I was not sure if I would run again this year but in the end, I wanted to be there to be part of the “Boston Strong” support that turned up on this day. It was also my 51st birthday and what better way to celebrate than by running your heart out in front of a million people on the course?

There were 36,000 entrants this year to accommodate the overwhelming interest in participating in the race. Security was at an all-time high with strict requirements on what you could take to the start line (not much) and how close the busses got to the Athlete’s Village (not very). In fact, due to the traffic and congestion of transportation, I ended up jogging a couple of miles to the center of Hopkinton in order not to miss my assigned starting time in Wave 2, Corral #1.

Once the event was underway, you could tell it was a different race this year. There were a lot of amputees running the course and people were cheering like mad for them. Team Hoyt was also there which is a famous (at least in the running/tri scene) father/son team where the Dad pushes his quadriplegic son the entire way in a custom-made racing wheel chair. They were stopped before the finish line last year and vowed to go back and complete the race in 2014. I have also seen them at triathlons where the Dad will swim with a raft pulling his son, ride a bike with the son attached in a cart and then run like they did in Boston. That is a powerful sight.

I got a lot of encouragement from my Reliv running singlet with “Go 24K” cheers along the way. I could not help but think that the marathon race distance is 42K. Maybe I need a shirt saying “24K is great for 42K”?

The crowds were especially deafening on Boylston Street where the finish line is situated and I was pleased with my time of 3:20:48. Not a PR for me as I had hoped but it was still a great day to be in Boston.

The Reliv products helped me hydrate (Innergize®), focus (24K®) and recover (ProVantage®, Arthaffect®, LunaRich X® and Reliv Now®). Although I qualified for Boston again next year, I may sit it out and focus on some other athletic challenges although I will continue to rely on Reliv friends and products for support along the way. Thanks to everyone for the messages of encouragement on my FB page. See you at the finish line!


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  1. Terrific story, Joe! A truly inspiring event this year, and it’s great to see it through your eyes here.

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