Because of Reliv: My Entire Family is Healthy

Carter-webVicki Carter from Myrtle Beach, SC, shares her thoughts on how her whole family has benefited from Reliv.

I was an office manager for 16 years and always had to use vacation time to attend my daughter’s school functions. I noticed that other parents were at every school function and seemed to have more free time. That’s when another parent
introduced me to Reliv. I became a Distributor that month and a Master Affiliate the next. What began as a great business opportunity turned into a way for my family to become healthy together.
I had gained some weight over the years that I needed to lose, and Reliv helped me do it. My husband has seen incredible health results too — his cholesterol, allergies and digestive health have all improved. Our whole family feels great!

One thought on “Because of Reliv: My Entire Family is Healthy

  1. Reliv works wonders for me! I had severe headaches for years; they were gone in 3 wks.after using Classic & Innergize two times each day. When I added Fibrestore to my shake, my 7 ulcers disappeared after approximately 3 months. Also when I returned to Asheville Gastroenterology, to have pre pre-cancerous polyps removed, they had disappeared also. I thank God for answering prayers through the many diligent research workers in Reliv International. I have personally used many of the Reliv products and continue to be amazed at the results I receive. .

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