Take Your Reliv Biz to the Next Level in 2014


“Think of it this way: your job as a Reliv Master Affiliate (MA) is to go out and make new friends, make better friends out of the ones you already have and help all your friends succeed. This makes building your business a whole lot of fun – and it works!” — Robert Laird, Reliv Key Director

Ready for Reliv success this year?
Then make your move to the Reliv MA level.

Why now?
Reliv has slashed volume qualifications, making it easier than ever for you to achieve MA status.

What does that mean?
As an MA you can:

  • Order product at a 40% discount
  • Earn maximum retail profit
  • Earn maximum wholesale profit
  • Earn bonuses and trips
  • Generate overrides and buildresidual income for life

The Road to Presidential Director
Already a Master Affiliate? Now YOU have the key that opens the door to the Reliv Director program. Simply help someone else become an MA and you’re on your way! The Road to Presidential Director is your path to financial freedom. Presidential Director represents a solid six-figure income and the chance to live life on your own terms. And each stop along the Road to PD offers its own benefits — you get rewarded as you build your future!


  1. Locate where you are on the Road to PD.
  2. Ask yourself: What’s next?

Once you have identified your next business goal, you can start taking the steps to achieve it. Here’s what some of our top Distributors have to say!

“The key to advancing along the Road to PD is to never stop reaching out to new people and building your business, even as you hit new levels. Don’t compare yourself to other Distributors — focus on your own business and you’ll get there.”
— Tom Tighe, Reliv Presidential Silver Ambassador
Tom became a Reliv PD in November 2013. Congratulate Tom and read his family’s success story here.

What’s next for you?

“I’m only 23 and I own my own business thanks to Reliv. I tried the corporate world, but after putting in 12-hour days and getting laid off, I knew there had to be a better way. Now my time is my own.”
What’s Next: I plan to buy my first house soon and continue building the life I’ve always wanted. I love what I do!
— Cayla Collins, Reliv Key Director

“We live life on our own terms with the flexibility of working from home. Because of Reliv, we’re putting our two girls through college without having to worry how to pay for it!”
What’s Next: Reliv gives you concrete goals to work toward at every step. The mentors and tools available enable us to grow further and help our organization do the same.
— Chris & Karin Ederer, Reliv Ambassadors

“Reliv has given us an amazing lifestyle as well a purpose in life. We’ve traveled the globe from Whistler to Munich and made millions while helping others.”
What’s Next: We continue to set new goals and work our business with purpose and focus. This is what gives us financial security and the freedom to live as we choose.
— Richard & Linda Vance Reliv Presidential Double Platinum Ambassadors 



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  1. Congratulations, excellent presentation…the best we’ve seen in illustraing how to grow your business through attaining ranks in Reliv.

    Is there a way we can receive or download this graphic in pdf or jpg format?

    Thank you!

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