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7 Ways to Re-think Spring Cleaning



Winter is finally coming to its long-awaited end, and spring is on its way. It’s time to buckle down, get those windows open and start cleaning and organizing your home for the warmer season ahead. Say goodbye to the winter blues for another year and say hello to another dose of good old-fashioned spring cleaning. Here are some tips for getting both your home and family happy and healthy, and ready to spring forward!

Buy 1, Give 1
This idea is one of the easiest to remember. When bringing something new into the home, donate a similar item you may already have. This will keep clutter down and stop the dreaded hoarding epidemic in its tracks. You will also help others in need. Who really needs 50 pairs of shoes anyway?

Turn, Turn, Turn
Start every new season by turning your hangers in the opposite direction. As you wear, launder and return clothes to your closet, turn the hangers back around. By the end of each season, it will be easy to tell which clothes you don’t wear and should more than likely donate.

Tote Bag Giveaway
Tote bags are not only a popular giveaway, but also tend to easily stack up over time. If you have more than you need for your grocery trips, stick one in your closet. This will serve as a reminder and an easily accessible tool to keep your closets from overflowing. If you find a piece of clothing that you don’t wear anymore, stick it in the bag. Wait until the bag is full and drop it off at a local charity!

eBay Vacation Fund
What’s a better way to get rid of your old stuff than to get money for it? When sorting through your things in the house or garage, look for items that might be of some value. Do some research and try listing them on eBay. Save any money earned for a family vacation or a larger purchase such as a new car or desk for your home office.

Santa in the Spring
If you have growing children in the house, it’s more than likely there is a mountain of out-grown toys somewhere collecting dust. Set an example for your kids by helping them collect their unwanted toys and donate them to a good cause. Even though it’s spring doesn’t mean you can’t share the giving spirit!

Paper Trail
It’s imperative to keep track of important documents, but chances are some not-so-important documents have stacked up around your home as well. Create an easy system to organize everything you really need, such as a file cabinet or labeled binders. Avoid stacking at all costs; papers are much more likely to get lost or forgotten when piled on top of each other. Keeping a shredder close by also serves as a reminder to get rid of documents that no longer serve a purpose. Color coding always makes organizing fun as well!

Stick to it!
Spring cleaning doesn’t have to live up its daunting reputation. Staying organized, clean and healthy is a process that takes time and effort, so make sure you stay consistent. Always remind yourself to reevaluate when a new item makes its way into your home to ensure a clutter-free lifestyle for you and your family. Staying healthy requires more than optimal nutrition and exercise; it also ecompasses the little things you do every day to make sure your life is the best that it can be.

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