Change for the Challenge

Meet Reliv Distributor, Roger Rodriguez, and learn about the creative way he has found to raise money for the Reliv Kalogris Foundation‘s Be the Change fundraiser.

How can you give a little at a time to make a big difference at the Next Level Conference this summer in Kansas City? Let’s get ready for the Rally for the Mission: Game Edition!

Roger Rodriguez“Every year as the season of Lent approaches, we are usually asked to make a sacrifice. Usually I give up something food related, but this year I decided to help out the Reliv Kalogris Foundation. I go to Starbucks several times a week to work on my Reliv business and I buy myself a drink while there.

I decided that with every Starbucks drink I buy between now and Easter,  I will donate $5 to the Kalogris Foundation. My average order at Starbucks is $3, so it’s an easy way for me to raise money little by little. I know that it really helps make a difference in someone’s life.

What can you do to help? It doesn’t have to be Starbucks. Find your own creative way to give to the Kalogris Foundation to help nourish our world. My frequent donations keep me mindful of those less fortunate, and I’m honored to give back to them.” – Roger Rodriguez, La Puente, CA

Tell us how you plan to raise money for the Kalogris Foundation this year! Share your ideas below to inspire others to be generous!

UPDATE: Roger raised $190 for the Reliv Kalogris Foundation, but because he’s such a swell guy, he is donating an even $200! Wow! Thank you for your generosity and great attitude, Roger!

3 thoughts on “Change for the Challenge

  1. Great idea! Hope lots of people do the same. BTW
    Last month I read the article in Lifestyle on “Be the Change” and thought, “That’s a great idea!” Then I thought, “Wait a minute, that was my idea!” Last summer at the conference I submitted the idea based on a successful fundraiser for our local pregnancy resource center. So, it’s time to hear coins hitting the bottom of the cans in Punta Gorda, FL ! Some of the vendors at our local farmers market were impressed to hear of the work of the Kalogris Foundation, and happily agreed to keep a can for loose change at their booths. With each can there is a framed brief explanation of the work and mission of the Kalogris Foundation. This is a great way to introduce Reliv, the company with a heart, to people and raise $ for the Kalogris Foundation at the same time.

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