What The LEGO Movie Can Teach Every Reliv Distributor

Lego-webThe LEGO Movie has dominated the box office this winter and is sure to become a family favorite. Acclaimed by critics and loved by viewers, there are powerful lessons to be learned from this adventure. Emmet, a seemingly normal LEGO mini-figure, learns to take on his role as the most “extraordinary person.”

With Reliv you already have everything you need to become the hero of your own story. Read on to learn what The LEGO Movie can teach you about making the most of your Reliv experience.

Everything is Awesome
From the beginning, Emmet had a great attitude about life and what was possible. He was friendly and positive to everyone he met, and his kindness made him friends that helped carry him through challenges. As a Reliv Distributor, you can help people see that everything is awesome by sharing Reliv’s message of optimal health and financial prosperity. Your own excitement about what you’ve found in Reliv is your greatest asset. When you’ve got the power of nutritional epigenetics and the benefits of LunaRich® on your side, you can’t lose!

Everything is Cool When You’re Part of a Team
Emmet was the hero of the story, but it took a team of mini-figures to help him save the day. He depended on Wyldstyle, Batman and Unikitty to help him tackle obstacles. Reliv Distributors work together to build business networks and provide support and encouragement. They help each other build businesses because they see the value in teamwork. When one person succeeds, we all succeed.

Break Free from Your Routine
The journey didn’t really begin until Emmet was brave enough to break free from his boring daily routine. He decided that waking up every day to clock in and clock out wasn’t for him anymore. Since your Reliv business is your own, you’re free to explore new ideas for reaching people and generating buzz. Try new approaches until you find something that works! Reach out to other members of your Reliv team for their thoughts and guidance.

Don’t be Afraid to Have Fun
Each mini-figure’s unique persona and style was a necessary part of the solution to save the LEGO universe. They worked together, but they had plenty of fun as well! Your Reliv business is as individual as you are, so don’t be afraid to inject your personality into your pitch. How is your life better because of Reliv nutrition and your Reliv income? Tell your story with all your heart, and let your character shine like Emmet did. Saving the day is great, but it’s even better when you have a great time doing it!

Be Resourceful
Emmet used the blocks and tools available to him in creative ways to solve problems and advance his mission. He took time to consider everything available and how it could help him. As a Reliv Distributor, you have access to a range of resources you can use to build your business. Reliv’s new Get Started pages give you quick and easy access to the tools at your disposal. Click around and find your favorite ways to present the Reliv story.

Begin with the End in Mind
As soon as Emmet knew his goal, he got to work in trying to achieve it. He traded in the status quo life of a LEGO mini-figure drone and bravely took on a mission that led him to the farthest reaches of the LEGO universe. Whether you’re interested in travel, building a residual income or simply making more money, keeping your goal in mind will encourage you do the work and earn the reward.

Through his inventive perspective and curiosity, Emmet becomes a “master builder” of the LEGO universe. How can you, like Emmet, become the hero of your own story? What goals would you like to work for and how will you achieve them?

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  1. Mandy, you are so awesome! This is great It is going to be a be brave month of March for the Shepherds. So glad you are on our team! Thanks for all you do.

  2. What a great article! It is inspiring and encouraging. I will print it off and share it with my down line. I will go back and read it over and over to inspire myself as well. Thank You Mandy!

  3. This is perhaps my favorite post EVER on the Reliv Blog! Well done Mandy! After spending the morning taking my car to the mechanic, this totally pumped me back up (and got the song stuck in my head again)! Thanks for a great reminder, Mandy!

  4. Loved this article. Being optimistic and willing to share Reliv’s unbeatable products and opportunity is where it’s at. People are looking for us, go now and let the world know about what you have! I have to see this movie now.
    Thanks Mandy!

  5. Thank you Reliv for shoveling the coal and keeping the water tank full.The LunaRich has been helping eye sight,
    keeping colds and allergies down and …….

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