Your Invitation to IMPACT Canada


National Sales Manager of Reliv Canada Mark Lewis extends a personal invitation to join him this month at IMPACT Canada. 

Six more weeks of winter. That’s what Wiarton Willie, Canada’s own groundhog weather prognosticator extraordinaire predicted. Six more weeks of frozen noses, frigid toes, snow shoveling and scraping windshields.

But Reliv has the antidote: March 28th and 29th2 2014 at the Hilton Garden Inn, Burlington Ontario.


Come experience the wisdom of Dr. Alfredo Galvez, Chief Scientific Officer of SL Tech and learn about the power of Lunasin and the Lunarich soy powder that is exclusive to Reliv. This extraordinary discovery is changing people’s lives and helping them grow their Reliv businesses in ways they’ve only dreamed.MarkLewisBiophoto1

You’ll learn from Double Platinum Ambassadors Jim and Sandy Schaben as they show you how to leverage our great products and fantastic business opportunity to obtain the financial freedom and personal wellbeing you and your family deserve and desire.

There will also be an exciting and revolutionary product announcement that will change Reliv Canada forever.

Come distributors, come customers, come Master Affiliates, come prospects.

Come Canadians, Come Americans, come new people, come Reliv veterans.

Come anyone with a desire to change their health and wealth for the better.

Come one and all to this once in a lifetime event.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Registration now open! Call 800 RELIV US (735.4887).

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