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Reliv’s Director of Human Resources, Angelique Santiago, shares her thoughts on a new employee fitness initiative that is getting everyone moving.

In addition to being a fun place to work, Reliv is fantastic about encouraging employee health initiatives. As the Director of Human Resources, I’m always looking for new ways to encourage employees to stay healthy.

In 2006 with the help of Steve Albright, Reliv’s CFO, we formed the Reliv’s Getting Fit and Loving IT! wellness program. The goals of the program:

  1. Educate employees about healthy lifestyle choices by providing free Reliv products, on-site wellness classes, an on-site nurse and incentive campaigns focused on healthy behaviors.
  2. Health awareness by providing all wellness participants with an annual comprehensive blood test free of charge.

Step By Step

The main incentive is knowledge because knowledge is power when it comes to your health! In addition, Reliv has a very generous health insurance premium discount based on employee’s health status.  We’ve seen some great improvements as a group and quite a few employees have taken it upon themselves to make positive changes to their health.

Get Moving

About a year ago I decided to kick the program up a notch so I asked for volunteers to join me in developing a new and improved wellness committee. The committee was formed to devise employee initiatives around health and wellness. Our most recent effort, the Reliv Walking Club, has turned out to be a huge success.

There are 45 employees signed up so far this year, and we ask them to track their steps or miles using a pedometer. At the end of the quarter, we tally the miles and they can earn incentives like fitness equipment, time off or gift cards for fresh fruit delivery. The “Fruit My Cube” option has been very popular; everyone likes getting a delivery of healthy snack options right to their desk!

Circling the Globe

In the final Walking Club session of 2013, our group walked the distance between St. Louis (the Reliv headquarters) to Saudi Arabia! We are very proud of this great initiative and hope to continue it for years to come. When the weather is nice, many Reliv employees take advantage of our close proximity to the Chesterfield Monarch Levee. Many employees spend their lunch break walking outdoors, which they report helps with their energy, concentration and focus on the job.

Our annual wellness health fair will take place in March where we learn more about our personal risk factors, level of fitness and ideas for getting healthier. We’re excited to see if the participants in the Reliv Walking Club notice a difference in their blood test results.

2 thoughts on “Inside Reliv: Walking Club

  1. There are several people in my area who need motivation. That is an understatement. Let me explain.
    There are people who are overweight that struggle in their minds. The hurdle of the mind is too large for them to climb over in their present state. Not everone can go to a gym and work out or get a trainer. Their motivation is too week at this time to hardly get outside. Therefore, the pit they fall into is called despair. In this pit, all they have to do is sit there…and eat. That they can do.
    It would be good if Reliv had some type of a program where each person would work individually yet inside of a community group. The program would include an individualized healthy eating style. Then if each could have a goal of their own to reach for weight reduction, or just plain health, yet accountable to the group. Even if the member was not taking Reliv at first, the focus on health, and if they could see results, they are most likely to want Reliv.

    The above walking program sounds good if it could be taken out to communities. I meet a lot of people who could benefit by such a program tied on to a larger group such as the Reliv country wide body.

  2. This is great info. I am working with one company to create a wellness program and with another to be part of their wellness program. Additional suggestions – besides Reliv and walking would really help me!

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