My Story: Mindy Meyer (and her son, JD)

Meyer-webMindy Meyer’s son JD found just what he needed from Reliv nutrition!

Hometown: Wapokonetka, OH

Gigs: Reliv, mom

Reliv Regimen: 24K

Nodding Off: My son, JD, had difficulty staying awake in first period English class. With basketball practice and homework, he wasn’t able to get enough sleep. As an athlete, he didn’t want to put questionable ingredients into his body.

Giving It a Shot: JD’s teacher said she would have to fail him if he couldn’t stay awake, so he tried coffee. He stayed awake through first period but experienced brain fog and an energy crash by practice. 24K was exactly what he needed.

Wide Awake: JD takes 24K before school and is able to stay awake through all of his classes. He takes another shot before practice for an extra boost. It relieves his stress from school and keeps him at his best for the game. He always keeps a bottle of 24K in his gym bag!

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  1. Mindy is the reason I am taking Reliv with great results, yet I still loved this story. Great story and great picture JD !

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