Kit the Ground Running! Reliv gives new Distributors the tools to build — fast!

Kits-webIndustry stats show that the first days of becoming a Distributor are critical to future success. That’s why Reliv has updated our welcome kits to help new Distributors start sharing Reliv right away. Plus, now every Distributor at every profit level receives their own kit once they sign up!

New Reliv Distributor Kits include:

So what can you do?
Sponsor, sponsor, sponsor! As you add new Distributors, they can start reaching out to new people right away. Ask them to just hand out the DVDs and follow up. They’ll see how easy it is to generate interest in Reliv and be motivated to do more.

Action Packed!
New Master Affiliates will also receive an updated set of tools right when they hit MA qualifying volume. The MA Action Pack contains:

Also included is the new What’s Next? MA guidebook, which walks new MAs through their steps to Reliv success.

You’re Welcome to It
Tools can’t work without people. Build your organization and make your new Distributors among the first to experience the new and improved Reliv welcome!

2 thoughts on “Kit the Ground Running! Reliv gives new Distributors the tools to build — fast!

    1. Distributors can go online right now and read about the new kits and contents both on the blog and on the portal. There is also a new Get Started section on the Guest Site of targeting all new Distributors.

      Every new Distributor will now receive a kit directly from Reliv, no matter the profit level in which they enter.

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