Because of Reliv: I Have a New Purpose

Light-webPeter Light became a Distributor two years ago after learning about Reliv from his father. He was also working a full-time job. “I did Reliv whenever it was convenient,” he says.

When he decided to attend the Reliv 25 Conference, his employer wouldn’t let him have the time off work. So he quit to pursue Reliv full time. “I was excited about making Reliv my focus,” Peter says. “I see the potential and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.” 

Peter always dreamed of finding a way to make money by talking to people. He also wanted to strengthen the bond with his father. Now they are working their Reliv businesses together. “Who would have thought an engineer and an artist could work side by side?” Peter says. “I’m having a great time telling people about Reliv and learning more about myself and my father.”

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