You Can Make an Impact

By Kurt Wulff, Reliv Vice President of Marketing

I always look forward to hitting the road with Reliv at the start of a new year. It’s a chance to reconnect with our Distributor partners and get re-energized.

This past weekend that opportunity was IMPACT West in San Francisco!


The event opened on Friday evening with a powerful video — a fast-moving retrospective of all that we had accomplished together in 2013. With the help of top leaders, the rest of the opening night demonstrated emphatically how every Distributor can make an impact and accomplish great things by simply telling more people about Reliv. New today or a 20+-year veteran — the principles for success have never changed. It all starts by talking to someone about what you have found in Reliv and why you are excited.

Our mission in Marketing includes developing an assortment of tools that offer you options on the way you approach new people. In 2013 we developed some awesome video tools — with our three most popular videos available as a DVD called, Don’t Just Live. Reliv. Distributors often call the cornerstone piece of this DVD the “blue man” video, named after the colorful main character.
Whatever you call it, no single video in Reliv’s history has been viewed more online!

Have you seen it? Are you using these videos to help you talk about Reliv as the Nutritional Epigenetics Company? How many people can you show this to in the coming weeks? This will make an impact in your business.

Reliv is currently the only company in our industry that is talking about nutritional epigenetics. What you have in your hands with lunasin and LunaRich® is unique to Reliv Distributors — and ongoing research continues to uncover more health benefits. On Saturday at IMPACT West, we heard Dr. Carl and Dr. Galvez discuss the current research and what is on the horizon. It is altering the way the world looks at nutrition, and Reliv is leading the charge.

How many people did you have at this event to hear it? How many people can you have with you at IMPACT East (Charlotte) in February? This will make an impact in your business.

In 2013 we developed print and video tools to take advantage of our unique position in nutritional epigenetics.

How many of these tools have you handed out this year? This will make an impact in your business.

In addition, we launched our simplest and most robust online shopping experience in the history of the company.

How many prospects or new customers have you sent to the site since it launched? This will make an impact in your business.

For 2014, we will continue to develop the most effective tools and technology to help you make an impact, but that is for another day and another blog post.

What about today? Who can you tell about Reliv right now?

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