Presidential Directors Linda and Tom Tighe

Our gang May 2013New Reliv Presidential Directors Tom and Linda Tighe of Beavercreek, Ohio, had been looking for a way to bring Linda home from her job as a physical therapist and stay at home with their children. She was also looking to improve her health. When they heard about Reliv, they knew that their family could benefit from optimal nutrition and the business opportunity that came with it.

“I was intrigued by the idea of starting a business that would become a financial asset,” Tom says. “We started with Reliv, Linda’s health began to improve, and we made enough money to keep our children in private school. Thinking ahead, we hoped we could even help them afford college.”

Financial Freedom and More
Soon, their Reliv income was helping pay bills, as well as providing a future for their family.  In their first year of being Reliv Distributors, Tom and Linda worked 15 hours per week. They made $56,000 that year and Linda was able to step away from her physical therapy job.  “I loved my job,” Linda says, “but I fell in love with being a mom.” They were also able to keep their kids in Christian school. (The Tighes are going to have three boys in college all at once, so they are very thankful for their Reliv income!)Tom and Linda PD pic for Reliv Dec 2013 006

The benefits went beyond financial.  “Reliv helped me get my seasonal allergies under control,” Tom says. “I suffered fewer stress headaches and had much better mental focus and clarity. Linda’s good health returned as well, and her joint discomfort disappeared.”

Their Reliv business has allowed Tom to take early retirement from his career in aerospace engineering and become more involved with their kids. “I was even able to step in and help coach my son’s high school baseball team,” he says, “We’re working hard to see our Reliv income double and triple, and with the compensation plan, we know it’s possible. The only debt we have now is our mortgage, and we expect to be completely debt free within the next couple of years.”

New Product, New Opportunities
Things got even more exciting for the Tighes when LunaRich X™ was launched. “It created a buzz of excitement,” Linda says. “We are consistently hearing about wonderful results. I don’t think we have full understanding of how powerful it is, but we’ve seen great success health wise. People are excited about the addition of LunaRich X, and we’re excited to share it with everyone.”

Key to Success: Don’t Limit Yourself
As they became Distributors and began to work together to build their Reliv business, there was a learning curve. Tom retired from his engineering career, which created a different dynamic with them bumping into each other all the time — but it became an opportunity. “We learned to recognize each other’s weaknesses and strengths in a new way,” Tom says.

The Tighes are building their business consistently. From the first year, they saw themselves as Ambassadors and tried to act that way. “We help anyone who asks for it,” Tom says, “and constantly work with our team. We work our Reliv business in all markets. We don’t confine ourselves to only one method, but always fish in multiple ponds.”

Life on Their Own Terms
“There is such freedom with a business like this: you don’t have to ask your boss to have lunch with your wife,” Tom says. “Recently we had a family member get married in California. We were able to go and spend a few days on vacation, just because we wanted to. That’s the freedom you get with Reliv.”

“Today, it’s special, having two of our kids in the Reliv business. We’re seeing them now as adults, colleagues, and business partners.” Tom and his son have a dream to buy a couple of Mercedes and travel across the country. “This is an opportunity that we wouldn’t experience without Reliv making it financially possible,” Tom says. With one child out of college, two in college and one approaching college, the Tighes have time to travel and pursue other passions.

What is their advice to people wanting to build their own business?
“Apply what you learn in training: set your goals, develop a plan and be consistent. You will succeed if you do not quit.”





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  1. I often wondered what happened to the young Lotus enthusiast who quit Calspan for the chicken range in 1979. Glad to see you landed on your feet. (Great looking family!)

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