Start a Reliv Business? I Can’t Do That!


If you’ve reservations about becoming a Reliv Distributor, check out this advice from some of our top leaders! You’ll be glad you did!

I don’t have the time.
“When I started Reliv I was working full-time and raising two young children. Fortunately, Reliv happens while you live your life. Look at your calendar and mark off all those times you can’t do Reliv. You’ll be surprised by how many little chunks of time you still have available. And those little chunks are all it takes to get started.”
— Amy Blaser, Columbus, NE

I don’t have the money.
“Become a Distributor so you can buy Reliv products at a discount. You’re already buying food; instead of buying candy and heavily processed food, you can change your eating habits to something healthy. If you don’t have enough money, that’s exactly why you need this opportunity.”
— Tom Pinnock, Orlando, FL

I’m not a salesperson.
“Neither of us had ever sold or wanted to sell anything. Thankfully, we don’t need to do any of that with Reliv. Our job is simply to educate people, to listen to their needs and to help them discover how Reliv can help meet those needs. That’s it.”
— Chris Toriello & Mark Gauger, North Yarmouth, ME

I’ve never heard of Reliv.
“That’s what makes this opportunity so limitless! There is a whole world out there looking for what we’ve got — better health and finances. Reliv is the answer! And with epigenetics now hitting the mainstream, people are going to be learning about Reliv and LunaRich real soon. Let them hear it from you!”
— Ryan Montgomery, Reliv President

I’m too shy.
“I used to be a big chicken. I love people but felt like they would run the other way when they found out I was ‘selling’ something. Then I got myself out of the way and focused on the health and wellbeing of others. I started planting Reliv seeds with a sense of urgency. What people do with it after that is up to them — at least I planted that seed. It is my responsibility to share what I have in Reliv, and that is what I’m going to do!”
— Beth Mull, Allouez, MI

I don’t know enough about nutrition science.
“The beauty of a Reliv business is that you don’t have to be a scientist. I’m certainly not, but the tools they provide give you ways to talk about complex topics like nutrition and epigenetics without having to have an advanced degree. Let the tools and videos do the talking for you.”
— Sherri Selman, Alpharetta, GA

I don’t want to bother people.
“I had to make the transition from thinking I was bothering people to realizing I was helping them. The nutrition that these products offer is too good not to share.”
— Joyce Holthaus, Mundelein, IL

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