Welcome to Reliv… Now Let’s Get Busy!

DontJustLiveReliv feels the need in 2014 — the need for speed! We want to help you sponsor more people faster and get your new Distributors sharing Reliv right away.

That’s why every new Distributor will now receive five copies of Reliv’s hottest sales tool right when they sign up: the Don’t just live. Reliv. DVD. This disk features the “Blue Man” epigenetics video, plus the latest product and opportunity videos. Fueled by graphics, stats and facts that inspire action, these three brief (2-3 minute) videos make it easy for your new Distributors to immediately start reaching out to new people.

They can just hand out DVDs, follow up and have everyone begging: “Tell me more about Reliv!” Order your own to share along with them — just $5 for 10 DVDS!

PLUS! Now you can download every Reliv video on reliv.com for playing on your device anytime, anywhere! Just look for the download link above each video on Reliv’s main video page. Check it out.

New people are the lifeblood of your business, and Reliv wants to fuel their success.Reduced profit level qualifications, the new Rookie Bonus, tools to start strong — and the year’s not even a week old! Get ready for more innovations on the way in 2014…

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