Personal Freedom: Susan Baroni

SusanBaroni-web“Reliv has given me personal freedom,” says Susan Baroni of Westlake Village, CA. “My life changed when I first heard about Reliv, and my business has grown like wildfire since the introduction of LunaRich X!”

Susan began taking Reliv Now® in 1992 and noticed a burst of energy and relief from PMS and a sugar addiction. With her excellent results, she began sharing her story and building her Reliv business.

“I’m still an active Master Affiliate after 21 years,” she says. “Knowing and trusting that my Reliv check is coming each month has given me the freedom to pursue my passion of spiritual counseling and determine my own priorities.” When her father and mother were aging and required assistance, for example, she was able to spend time with them and stay financially healthy because of her Reliv income.

“LunaRich X makes sharing Reliv so easy,” Susan says. “It’s a great time to be a Reliv Distributor!”

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