Incredible Opportunity: Jennifer Eaves

Eaves-webWhen Jennifer Eaves of Lindon, UT, started her Reliv business 11 years ago, her husband had been out of work and they had four children still at home. She needed a way to help support her family while staying at home with their kids.

She has since shared Reliv with hundreds of people — and never more than right now. “My business really started booming with the introduction of LunaRich. I am amazed at how quickly people are seeing health results,” she says.

“I think that Reliv is the best business opportunity in America right now,” Jennifer adds. “To have the exclusive rights to lunasin, which changes lives in a huge way, is an incredible opportunity.”

Jennifer has reconnected with people who initially weren’t interested in Reliv, but have come back because of the health results they’ve seen with LunaRich. “Even if they weren’t looking for a business, they are now,” she says, “Who wouldn’t want to feel better?”

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