Happy Ending: Lori Storms


“Anyone who uses LunaRich has a good story to tell,” says Lori Storms of Cologne, MN. “Once the LunaRich X™ capsules came out, I started to hear more and more stories. It took time for me to feel like I was at my best, and I decided to take more than one capsule per day, which helped me immensely.”

Lori and her husband, Hank, began taking Reliv products in May 2012. At first, Hank was skeptical but he couldn’t help but notice the improvement in his wife’s joint and sciatic nerve pain. “Then his cholesterol improved and he started to believe in the power of optimal nutrition,” she says.

As a full-time human resources worker, Lori has been able to share Reliv with many people at her company. “We are never going to stop taking these products,” she says. “They work!”

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