8 thoughts on “Healthy Holidays from Reliv!

  1. This is truly beautiful. Thanks Drs Hastings and Galvez. Our family is seeing the nutritional difference from using the Lunasin products. All the best to you and the Reliv family.



  2. Merry Christmas to all of you at Relv! This product has been very beneficial for me, and my family! I love to share these products with everyone to promote better health all around. Loved the video!


  3. Ohh how fun, and so creative!!! Great way to get into the Reliv Holiday Spirit….and excited for what might be coming in 2014!!! Blessings and happy holidays to the entire Reliv Family!!!


  4. What an wonderful presentation for this Christmas, 2013!
    Thank you Dr. Carl Hastings and Dr. Galvez for an especially informative and simple animation of Lunacin;
    Merry Christmas and God’s Blessings to the whole Reliv organization,


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