Gracious Holiday Hosts




Blog_HolidayHostGuestThe holidays are a time to gather with friends and loved ones, even those who live far away. Chances are you’ll be hosting some guests this holiday season, or perhaps you’ll be a guest in someone else’s home. Having a house full of guests can be stressful, but that stress can be easily avoided with a little planning. Being a wonderful host or guest is a great way to enhance the holiday season for everyone around you. Here are some thoughtful and fun ways to make sure your guests want to return and that they’ll return the invitation.

For the Host

  • Make sure the room you have provided for your guests has been thoroughly dusted and cleaned.


  • Anticipate the needs of your guests by stocking their space with ample space to store their belongings (depending on the length of their stay).
  • Stock their room with tissues, hand sanitizer, extra pillows and blankets.
  • Consider some of your favorite amenities at hotels and make them readily available to your guests (hair dryer, fresh towels, fruit).
  • Offer to share some 24K or Innergize! if you notice they’re worn out with all the holiday fun.


For Guests

  • Bring a small token of your appreciation for the host or hostess.
  • Ask if there is something that would make you more comfortable during your stay (e.g. an extra pillow or blanket).
  • Clean up after yourself and keep your bedroom tidy with the door open if you’re not in it.
  • Write a thank-you note and leave it someplace prominent when you leave to make your host(s) feel appreciated.
  • Bring your own personal products (e.g. Reliv’s r collection of skincare items).
  • Offer to help cook or clean up at meal times.


Remember that people often get a winter cold when their immune systems are compromised because of lack of sleep, stress and exposure to high-travel areas like airports. Having a travel kit of items to treat a headache, upset tummy and other minor illnesses is a great way to plan ahead. Your holiday preparations will remove the anxiety and uncertainty from the season and allow you to thoroughly enjoy every visit. Have a healthy holiday!




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