My Story: Holly Stern

Holly Stern of Portland, Oregon, a professional violinist, shares her thoughts on Reliv.


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Seeing the Proof
I was introduced to Reliv by my father-in-law. He and his wife moved into a retirement center because of her joint discomfort. Someone there said, “We’ve got something for that.” After using Reliv, they were able to move out to independent living again when she was nearly 84.

Giving It a Try
My husband began taking Reliv, but I was already taking a powdered supplement. We traveled for Christmas and didn’t want to bring both, so I used his Reliv. My body told me, “This is the good stuff; don’t go back.”

Feeling the Difference
Reliv has given me more energy and mental focus and boosted my immune system. I think people who haven’t used Reliv don’t understand how good health really feels!

One thought on “My Story: Holly Stern

  1. I first found Reliv in 1992. As with some things in my life, after a couple years of shakes everyday, over time I become lax and stop. Like you, I do supplements always. Reliv is the 1 and only thing I have ever found that truly makes a difference.
    I absolutely agree people do not understand what good nutrition does. I have tried the others and they don’t compare. When I use Reliv, I have energy, my immunity is better, I sleep so good and the list goes on. Now in my 50’s the comment to always use reliv is there. It’s so nice to feel great.

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