Building a Wonderful Life: Donna and Arnold Simkus

Pg21Silver Ambassadors Donna and Arnold Simkus of Warren, Michigan, began their Reliv journeys separately, but their paths led them to the same place. And they love where they are.

Donna was introduced to Reliv in the spring of 1993. A single mom, she was struggling to make ends meet. “After 30 years as a flight attendant, I had no idea there could be such an exciting business opportunity for me,” she says. “I still travel a lot, but I do it sitting down.”

Arnold, a former NFL defensive lineman, began taking Reliv in 2001 to help with joint health. He had also recently lost his wife of 33 years and been let go (for the second time) from a corporate IT position. “It was a dark time,” he admits. “Looking ahead, I couldn’t imagine any light in my future. Then Reliv came along and gave me the tools to reclaim what I had lost — my health, my career and even a wife.”

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Arnold joined Reliv as part of Donna’s downline.  The pair got to know each other through Reliv trainings at Donna’s house, hit it off, fell in love and were married in 2004. Now they work together helping other people improve their lives. “I’m working harder now than I ever have in my Reliv career and loving it!” Donna says.

Their lifestyle provides the freedom to spend time with their three daughters and to enjoy all that they have built together. Donna and Arnold plan to load up a motor home and take off for as long as they want to. “And we’ll be bringing our Reliv business with us!”

International Business

About 12 years ago, Connie Weinhold and Donna sang together in church. Connie joined Reliv as a Master Affiliate and later went to Germany to help launch Reliv there. “She sponsored Arnold and introduced us,” Donna says of her friend. “We’ve been to Germany twice to help her with her business. Reliv is now booming in Germany, and Connie just became an Ambassador!”

Donna says helping people like Connie improve their lives is the greatest reward. When they first met, Connie walked with a cane following a terrible car accident. On a recent visit to Germany, Connie took Donna and Arnold to a fort high on a hill in Salzburg. They had the option to take a tram, but hiked instead. “Arnold and I are in pretty good shape but it was an effort for us,“ Donna says. “Connie booked right past us. It’s wonderful to have a great income, but you can’t put a price on the good health Reliv provides!”

Working Together

As a single parent, Donna had struggled to put her daughter through veterinary school. “I was so sure there was nothing for me with no college education and no knack for sales,” she says, “The minute I found Reliv I knew in my spirit that it was going to get me out of a job that was making me miserable.”

Within three years she was able to make Reliv her full-time job. “I would pinch myself from the joy of not having to go to my old job every day,” she adds. “And working alongside Arnold as my partner only makes it better. It still feels so wonderful and we’re going to keep growing our business!”

Not Slowing Down

“We’ve got 22 garden beds and we grow fruit trees, tomatoes, squash, lettuce and other vegetables” Donna says. “We’re expanding the garden this year, which will involve heavy-duty work. I was 49 when I started taking Reliv products and I couldn’t even hold a trowel back then. I was tired all the time, and the difference is huge. I have more energy now than 20 years ago!”

“The financial freedom we’ve achieved through Reliv has been incredible,” they add. ”We turned 70 last year and Donna’s 35-year pension and Social Security aren’t even enough to pay the taxes on our Reliv business anymore! We marvel that we thought we were going to be able to live on that alone. We love what we do. We have a wonderful life.”

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