Celebrating National Health Literacy Month




LiteracyMonth-webOdds are somebody has passed the old rhyme, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” your direction. While you should see your primary doctor for routine checkups and any medical concerns, those apples are a wonderful starting point to a healthy life. It’s all about taking preventative steps for your health. The internet is filled with sites that can help you do just that, and to celebrate October as National Health Literacy Month, we’ve listed our favorite health and wellness resources on the web.

Natural News
Natural News offers a wealth of information on health news via podcasts and research articles. For the more visually inclined, the website offers infographics and cartoons to describe the research.

Discovery Fit & Health
This website takes a comprehensive look at health essentials, from diseases and medicine to interpersonal relationships. Whether you’re looking for the latest cancer study or the effects of stress on the brain, the site offers quizzes and articles covering it all.

CUESA (Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture) has created a list of fruits and vegetables along with their seasonal peak times to inspire healthy eating. They also offer recipes that include current seasonal foods.

Certain medications can do wonders for our bodies, but can do more harm than good if misused. Medscape allows you to list your medications and discover what drug interactions, if any, may occur when combining them.

Science Daily
Science Daily offers a daily updated collection of scientific research behind current health trends and new discoveries in health technology. It’s a great resource to stay on top of the latest headlines.

Life… supplemented
This website includes an A-Z encyclopedic guide to supplements including how each supplement works, what combinations are best and all known possible side effects. Many of the ingredients in Reliv products are listed here.

Soy Connection
This site serves as the educational handbook for everything soy. From soy’s heart benefits to everyday health benefits, Soy Connection offers trivia challenges and fun recipes to get your daily dose of soy.

WebMD provides a full comprehensive look at healthy living, disease descriptions, blogs from experts in the medical field, and even offers a “symptom checker” where you can do some personal investigation of your symptoms before consulting with your primary doctor (which you should, of course, do!).

The number one cure for sickness is prevention. This website offers an A-Z list of health conditions, their symptoms and ways to prevent these conditions, when possible. The site also offers food and beauty advice and an online shop for you to explore along the way.

Always be sure to take the initiative when it comes to your health. Learning about your body, what it needs and how to get it as well as making routine appointments with your primary doctor are great ways to keep yourself at your healthiest.

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What are your favorite go-to sites for health related information?