Setting Goals, Achieving Dreams: Margaret and Leonard Nafziger

Pg19Reliv Silver Ambassadors Margaret and Leonard Nafziger of Bryan, Ohio, were happy just to make extra grocery money for their family of 10 children through their Reliv business. Leonard had a corporate job and Margaret operated a custom drapery business for 30 years so she could stay home with the kids. They needed to find another way to make ends meet when she closed her business in 2006.

They were also looking for help for their son, Johnny, who had lost his kidney function due to a birth defect. He had battled health issues all his life. By age 17, he was taking four-hour naps every day, totally drained. Margaret knew he needed proper nutrition on his side if he was going to improve.

A friend told Margaret about the amazing results she received from Reliv shakes. She knew that Johnny loved smoothies, so they decided to give it a try. He went from being negative and exhausted to being full of life and making everyone laugh. “We wouldn’t let him miss a Reliv shake after that!” Margaret says.

Financial FreedomNafzigerPorch

“We decided to launch a Reliv business too,” Margaret continues. “In our first year we earned more than $15,000 in overrides and bonuses. We were at $30,000 by the next year and Leonard was able to leave his full-time job to help me with our Reliv business. Last year, it more than doubled again!”

The Nafzigers paid off their mortgage and now live debt-free. They’ve seen an additional growth in their business with the introduction of LunaRich®. “Reliv has gotten us out of debt,” Margaret says. “We have financial freedom that we never had before. When our check comes each month, we get to decide where to spend it. It’s not already spoken for. The boys are getting a chance to be with their dad and work with him. That time is priceless to us.”

Going For It

Reaching Ambassador was a goal from the start. “When I saw our numbers were getting close, I was amazed and encouraged,” Margaret says. “We saw how close we were to reaching that goal and got really excited.”

Leonard suggested that they go for it. He saw the plan and the income-earning potential. He offered to run the homestead and care for the children while Margaret and her downline went after this goal. They spent time every day working on it. “We had a list of about 13 people that we needed to reach out to and share the plan with,” Margaret says. “We decided that we’d be done before midnight of the last day of the month. We did it two whole days before then!”

Margaret then looked for other people in her downline most likely to reach Ambassador. She identified hard workers building their businesses. “I knew that we had some great people who could get it done”, she says. “It’s neat when you have someone who wants to achieve things really badly and you’re helping them and getting what you want at the same time. Where else do you get a reward like that?”

Hard Work Rewarded

The Nafzigers have eight boys and two girls; three of them are Master Affiliates and the rest are customers. One is in the Army and takes Reliv products wherever he is deployed. They credit Reliv nutrition with helping their children reach their full potential. “It’s so much easier to home educate when they have the benefit of a keen mind from Reliv Now® for Kids!” Margaret says.

“My Ambassador upline recently asked me what our next goal would be,” she adds. “I didn’t have to think about it long because I keep getting emails from people wanting to hear about these amazing products. Our goal is to keep reaching and helping people. And we’re helping our downline achieve their goals too. The most satisfying thing is to keep helping people who want to work for themselves.”

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