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Reliv success begins with a simple two-step process at the core of this business:
1. Find people who don’t know about Reliv.
2. Tell them about Reliv.

Reliv’s new suite of presentation tools makes Step 2 easier than ever by giving you powerful new ways to share the Reliv story.

New Videos
An entirely new kind of Reliv video series fueled by graphics, stats and facts that inspire action. The brief (2-3 minute) videos are ideal for sharing. You’ll have everyone saying: “Tell me more about Reliv!” Three new videos debuted in Orlando and are now available for sharing via email or social media at and YouTube. You can also download them at

You to Super You: Direct Your DNA Naturally Through Nutritional Epigenetics
Epigenetics explained. Follow your DNA on an animated journey from your parents to your kids as lifestyle choices determine which genes you turn on and off. Dr. Alfredo Galvez narrates the second half of the video to explain how lunasin works at the epigenetic level to promote optimal health. You’ll want to get this video in front of everyone!



Your Simple Solution to Today’s Health Crisis
This impactful video presents the problem: modern diets have created epidemic rates of serious health problems. Then offers a solution: Reliv nutrition. Animated graphics, commentary from Dr. Carl Hastings and real-life success stories combine to deliver a compelling message.


How to Create Your Own Income-Producing Asset
Running a Reliv business is more than a job; it’s a sound investment in your future. You’ll see why creating residual income through Reliv makes financial sense and offers a range of benefits over traditional employment. Distributor success stories help bring all points to life in this video.


New Opportunity Slides
Now you can get more out of every meeting. With the help of Reliv’s Hall of Fame Distributors, we’ve highlighted LunaRich® and epigenetics, reordered information for maximum impact and enhanced the overall look and feel. The updated slides start with Reliv science and build to the key question: “Ready to get started?” Download the slides at



New Opportunity Book
The printed version of the slides with more detail and ideal for one-on-one presentations. You get the Reliv story — from the epigenetic revolution to the power of residual income — packed into 24 high-impact pages. We’ve put the best of all previous presentation books into one powerful tool. Purchase 10-packs for only $12.


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