Xtraordinary Results: One-in-a-Million Product

BergeronShawn Bergeron of Alpharetta, GA, knew he had options when his doctor warned him about his cholesterol levels. So he gave his doctor a challenge: “I told him to give me 90 days. If I couldn’t lower my cholesterol near optimal levels by then, I would use the treatment he recommended. He accepted, but gave such a fast turnaround a ‘one-in-a-million chance.’”

Shawn continued his normal Reliv regimen, only increasing his daily number of LunaRich X capsules. When he returned for his lipid panel, results revealed noticeable improvement in his cholesterol levels, including in his LDL (bad) cholesterol.

Although Shawn still has work to do, his doctor told him to keep up the good work and didn’t mention any treatment options previously discussed. Shawn will check his cholesterol levels at another lipid panel in a few months. Until then he is using LunaRich and exercise to help him achieve his goal. “Thank you, LunaRich X!” he says.

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  1. Heard reliv stand by your man the day before my surgery for breast cancer. It really gave me a boost. I am forever grateful to those who introduced us to reliv. this video was just what the doctor ordered way to go reliv.

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