Reliv Music Video: Stand By Your Can

It’s time to debut Reliv’s first official music video!

Here are the lyrics if you’d like to sing along:

It’s not that hard to be real healthy;
Getting all you need from just one can.
You’ll have nutrition and in addition,
Benefits that you had never planned.

But if you shake it you will make it,
Even though it’s hard to understand.
And if you love it, oh, be proud of it,
Cause, after all, it’s in a can.

Stand by your can!
Give it a lid to cover,
And some place dry hover,
When nights are cold and lonely.
Stand by your can,
And show the world you love it.
Keep sharing all the health you can;
Stand by your can!


30 thoughts on “Reliv Music Video: Stand By Your Can

  1. I love it, Love It…. Put a big smile on my face. Thanks Reliv.. Your the best. Can’t wait to share it.

    Jackie Smith – Pittsburgh, Pa.

  2. Mandy~

    I love , Love , Love the song! How creative. Thank you for sharing.
    “Stand By Your Man” is one of my favorites. I love your version though, too:)))

  3. OMG that was awesome…I was laughing throughout the song. Whoo hooo. Way to go Mandy!!! Can’t wait to send it out to all my friends!

  4. Love the song! Could you hear me singing! One of my favorites and now Really one of my favorites!
    You need an award for that one, girl!

  5. Awesome video & fun too. And the best product out there. When I was younger I used to take all kinds of vitamins but never did I have the results that I have had with Reliv.

  6. Making Reliv fun! Fabulous job! We all need something to laugh about in this health care crisis.

  7. You out did yourself Mandy. Keep up the great work. My husband has been walking around singing the song over and over! What have you done to me?$&@?£%#((:

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