October Reliv 25 Contest



You’ve heard the idiom “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

At Reliv, we know that a scoop of prevention is worth a lot!

We asked you to tell us what prevention means to you! More time with family? Feeling better longer? Share your motivation to stay healthy!

Here are the winning responses!

Prevention, well let’s see. There are A LOT of really scary things out there today. From all the “New Illnesses” to the stuff that we “don’t know we are eating.” Prevention to me means that I can keep myself as healthy as possible while enjoying my life! –Debbi Grenz

Good health and prevention means taking care of myself so I can live to be a great-great grandfather and still doing my daily taekwondo. –Mike Michelozzi

My family has a history of health problems. I am taking the Reliv Now, Optain, Herbal Harmony and ProVantage. I now sleep better at night, have more energy, less pain in my body and can eat most foods again without feeling sick. Reliv shakes are my favorite breakfast and an love the taste.  So healthy and so good. What a great way to start the day. – Sharon Wittmeier

My name is Sidney and I am a 20 year old college student and runner. Prevention is what got me started on Reliv. Last summer I was looking for a way to step up my game, I was constantly tired and was looking for some daily nutrition. My friend told me about Reliv and I started out with the Now and Innergize. Within a month my fatige was almost gone and I felt better than ever. I also found the Reliv helped me in school as well. I was able to concentrate better and I had a new drive to do better. I am thankful every day for Reliv and I will never stop taking the products!-Sidney Afshari

My family has a lengthy medical history. I am young and really have no major health problems. However, knowing my family history, it has become important to me that I stay healthy so that I can avoid the same medical conditions that generations before me have faced. Reliv was the way I chose to stay healthy for as long as possible! – Karri Harbrecht

Prevention means independence as we enter our upper middle age or senior years.  We not only have the time and freedom to travel but also the health to do so. We are both 60+ now, and feeling good is important for everyday and every special day. Reliv is our health insurance! –Dee Ann Lucks

Sadly, many of us provide better maintenance to our cars than we do ourselves. I am guilty of that at times as well. I work a high stress, mentally challenging, corporate sit down job that requires long hours. My story is not remarkable, but it is sincere. Reliv makes all the difference in my life. At the end of my day, I have energy I didn’t have when I was much younger and definitely would not have if I didn’t drink Reliv. – Linda Commo


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  1. My motivation in taking Reliv is my special needs son and my sick husband. I am able to be the best I can be for both of them, in order to enjoy every minute as I should. Reliv also motivates me to see how much improvement I will see in their conditions and the possibility of spending more family time, that I might not have if not for this great nutrition. Thank you Reliv. Rosemary

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