Reliv: A Great Addition

KraudelTwo weeks after starting on the Reliv products, Linda Kraudel of Troy, IL, learned the brokerage company where she had worked for 22 years was preparing to lay off some of its workers. “I was looking for something with meaning and purpose that could replace my corporate income, so I became a Reliv Master Affiliate,” she says.

Ten years later, she’s still a Reliv Distributor and has benefited from its latest innovation, LunaRich X capsules. “I have people who came back just to get on the capsules, so that’s given me customers I didn’t have before,” she says. “People are getting results with their cholesterol, joints and overall health.”

Linda takes the capsules, too. “Even after all these years on Reliv products, I have more energy now than ever,” she says. “LunaRich has been a great addition for my health and finances.”

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