Xtraordinary Results: Some Kind of Wonderful

DarozaRosemary Daroza of New Bedford, MA,  didn’t need to wait long to see results after she started taking Reliv products this year. She felt better and had more energy throughout the day. “Good nutrition helps out in so many little ways,“ she says. “One day I lit the stove with my thumb, which had been a challenge because of painful carpal tunnel that had already required two surgeries.”

Rosemary credits one of her most recent health improvements to LunaRich X. After taking it every day for a few months, her back bothers her less often and she is more active. “I was able to go back to gardening after five years,” she notes.

Now a Reliv Distributor, Rosemary received her first paycheck in June. “It was small, but I see the opportunity and potential,” she says. “I’m very excited about my business and about LunaRich X. There is something very wonderful in it.”