Meet Our Ambassadors: Anne Driedger

Driedger, Anne smallAnne works as a nurse’s aid and has always desired to help people and their health. “My daughters used to poke fun at me for offering vitamins to my house guests when they were feeling under the weather,” she recalls. In the summer of 2011, when looking for a natural, quality product to restore her mother and brother’s health, Anne discovered Reliv and a business opportunity that could have been designed just for her.

Impressed by the results her mother, brother, and son experienced on Reliv, she took advice from Carolyn Florica (a friend and now upline) and attended a conference. There, Anne and her husband connected with stories they heard and she was convinced of Reliv’s remarkable potential.

Once home in LaCrete, Alberta, Anne started her Reliv business and involved her four sisters. Together, they introduced products to their family and friends and met several times a week to share success stories. In two months, she advanced from Key Director to Senior to Ambassador. Her sisters’ businesses have grown comparably, and two of them traveled with Anne and her daughter to Jamaica with Reliv in April. “There’s so much potential,” she says. “It’s just begun.”

Anne finds Reliv is a blessing for helping her connect with her sisters and those looking for a natural, organic product. She spends more time with her family and looks forward to the day she can let go of her job to devote all of her time to Reliv.

“There are so many more people to help and so many friends I’d like to bring to work alongside me,” she says. “If I can do it, anyone can do it.”

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