September Reliv 25 Contest


We asked you to help us swap ideas in September! Here are the winners of our September Reliv 25 contest. Check out their great business building advice!

“For every ‘no’ I get, I replace it with another contact. In addition, I talk to one new person every day. It’s a reasonable goal for me and helps me thwart failure.” – Patrecia Gray

“The best advice I have received is to be yourself and let people see what Reliv has done for you.” – J. Hughes

“The best business advice that I ever received was if you don’t like the direction that your business is going, then you need to look in the mirror. If you want things to change, then you need to change; if you want things to get better, then you need to get better! In my Reliv business, I am always striving to become the best. Reading the right books, listening to the right leaders and talking to the right people is how I do it.” – Eileen Tesch

“I started my business while still working a full-time job. The best advice I ever heard was to do something each day with consistency. I did one presentation per day on my lunch hour 5 days per week and it paid off!” – Debbi Baker

“Quite often the biggest obstacle facing me in business is me. So, get out of the way. This business isn’t about me. It’s about helping other people. The moment I learn to focus on what other people’s needs are and help them achieve what they want and need to achieve is the moment I start achieving success!” – Robert Laird

“The best advice in Reliv I received from my sponsor, mentor and best friend: ‘Don’t ever quit!’ I’m so goad this is the advice I got, because that’s why I’m still here. This is just the beginning! – Sissi Humphrey

“Network with people. Ask questions and listen for a ‘why.'” – Terry Kilburg

“The best business advice I received is ‘You have to do it poorly before you can do it perfectly.’ This allowed me to stop making excuses that I don’t have all the answers and start talking to people. I realized the more people I shared the message of Reliv with, the easier it would become and the more lives I could bless!” – Kelly May

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