Flying High with Reliv Nutrition: U.S. Airman Robert Anthony

To celebrate National Aviation Day, Robert Anthony, Airborne Linguist for U.S. Air Force and Reliv Distributor shares his thoughts on nutrition and flying.

“Don’t go halfway is my policy,” Robert Anthony says.

Anthony, Robert

It’s why he and his wife jumped right into Reliv as Master Affiliates. It’s why he uses Reliv to help his performance in the military. It’s why he’s not waiting to focus on his health.

“As a flyer, we have a lot of issues with allowing us to take medication in the Air Force—there’s a lot of stuff we can and can’t take,” he says. Although he had been using medicine for his high blood pressure for at least six years, he wasn’t able to treat his migraines or attention issues. “About a year ago it was looking to separate me from the military,” he says.

A Wise Investment

When he tried Reliv in January, he knew he was on to something worthwhile. “I liked the idea of something that may improve energy, so I got on 24K right away and noticed a difference immediately in my attention and being able to complete things.” He and his wife joined as Master Affiliates the same month.

With the addition of Reliv Now, he saw his blood pressure improve. He takes 24K every day and has added ProVantage, FibRestore and LunaRich X to his Reliv routine.

Feeling Fine

Reliv has also given him energy to keep up with his fitness regimen. “Overall, I was kind of tired,” he says. “Now I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. Recovery seems to me so much faster, and I’m not as sore as I would expect to be.”

As he and his wife focus on building their business before his next deployment, they plan to lead by example, showing others the benefits of Reliv with their own lives. They also model this with their children, who go to the gym with their dad and see their parents practicing health awareness because they choose to, not because poor health forces them to. “Why wait till we’re 60 to figure our health out?” he asks. “Let’s get ahead of it…instead of waiting to remedy problems later.”

The Next Leap

He’s also excited about how lunasin and epigenetics can help promote optimal health too. “Just because you were born into a family that struggles with unhealthy genes, that does not mean that’s your lot in life,” he says. “You can take steps ahead of time. You can get on a healthy diet, healthy supplements, and healthy products like Reliv and it can really change things.”

“I just keep taking these products until there’s a reason not to, and there’s not a reason not to,” Robert says.


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