August Reliv 25 Contest


It’s back to school time, so we asked you to share a lesson on how 24K has given you the energy and concentration you need to succeed! We asked for your 24K story (when you take it, what it helps you do, etc.) in 25 words or less. Here are our prize winners! Congratulations and thanks to all who entered!

Full time nanny, college student, photographer and wedding planning: I was exhausted! After taking 24K I now have friends and family saying, “Welcome back!”–Megan Matthews

I take 24K regularly every morning to get my day off to a good start. It also helps me relax and get to sleep when my mind is in a whirl. I sleep sound and don’t’ wake up until morning! – Guyna Dehne

On a 6-mile hike in the Rockies, I grabbed my 24K. It got me to the top of a waterfall at 9,500 ft. I love 24K!–Lisa Cooper

My 24K gets me going, even when headaches/sleepiness slow me. With 24K, I still downhill-ski at 56, and can drive longer with focus.-Nancy Couch Nowak

My son was sleeping through his first period class. Now he takes 24K before exiting the bus. He hasn’t slept through a class since!-Cathy Fairbairn

24K helped stop our jet lag from Australia to Orlando ready for the International Conference. Felt great and ready to learn lots at Conference! Yay for 24K! – Ian and Judy King

I first started taking the 24K about a year ago. I now take 24k twice a day and am training for my first ever 5k run!–Jeff Walker

I am a stroke survivor, who, thanks to Reliv, teaches special needs children. Every morning my shake and 24K, give me needed focus and energy.–Jeanette Laird

I start my day with 24k. It gives me energy for the gym. After class, it keeps my mind clear and alert to hit the books.-Nick Liemandt

24K at bedtime breaks our end-of-day stress cycle, allowing restful sleep and to awaken full of energy ready to move our business forward!-Jeff & Jodi Sugrue


2 thoughts on “August Reliv 25 Contest

  1. my husband is 59 years old and a couple of years ago he was laid off from his job. times were tough. after 75 Resumes sent out he landed a 3rd shift job with a very good company, just 10 minutes from our house. We were happy but both dreading the 3rd shift. The first month was terrible, he came in morning after morning dragging himself into bed. I immediately got him on 24K and within the week he had a drastic change in his energy level. Now he can put over time in and keep up with the younger workers. He has been doing this about a year and a half and never leaves for work WITHOUT his 24K. thank you RELIV!!!!!!

  2. I hardly ever get headaches or brain fog anymore but earlier when I still did, 24K was the ticket to quick relief of both! It gave me added stamina for a stressful day, be it mental, physical or emotional stress!

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