The Reliv Business: A Valuable Asset

Financial advisor D. Mark Selman offers his insights into approaching people about the Reliv opportunity.

By D. Mark Selman

In our last blog, we discussed the importance of having a conversation with prospects that allows the experience of self-discovery before you present the Reliv business opportunity. Let’s expand upon what it means when we say that your Reliv business can be an income-producing asset, which could help you build a “millionaire’s income” starting from zero. View video “How to Build an Income-Producing Asset.”

As an example, consider someone with a traditional job or business that is providing them with a $50,000 annual income. When they quit working, or if they become disabled, die or lose their job or business, their income stops! Ouch! There is no residual income that continues from their previous efforts; so, about how much money would they need in an investment account to provide that $50,000 annual income they previously had?

And the answer is… about $1,000,000! This is assuming a 5% interest rate on the $1,000,000 that would provide $50,000 per year or about $4,167 per month.

Help prospects to see this problem by asking questions like:

Are you prepared for an unforeseen event such as disability, job loss or a death?

Do you have enough savings or other income to maintain the lifestyle you need or want?


Now, refer back to the example in our previous blog that shows the approximate amount of monthly investment contributions required to create a $1,000,000 account. Depending on age, this could be unrealistic if not impossible for one to accomplish. And, what if they don’t currently have adequate savings and investments in place? This is the reality for most American households due to our recent economic situation.

With the Reliv business opportunity, we can be the “guide” our prospects need to climb this mountain and get down safely. Of course it takes a reasonable amount of time and effort to build a Reliv business. But, the powerful difference from the traditional job or business is that, under the current model, Reliv can offer ongoing residual income, even if one decides to stop or slow down the work pace, or has an unexpected life event as shown in the chart above. They are building an income-producing asset that offers them flexibility and ongoing income.

In summary, unlike income from a traditional job or business, Reliv provides the opportunity to supplement your current income as well as provide residual income. This is an opportunity that truly transforms itself into a valuable asset. Reaching a monthly income of $1,000 from your Reliv business can be an attainable goal.  If you were able to earn 5% interest on an investment account, it would take $240,000 to generate $1,000 a month.

So, as we begin our day, I believe we need to say to ourselves, “I make a difference!” Not only do we have the most powerful nutritional products available today, we have a business opportunity that can transform lives in an equally powerful way.

About the writer, D. Mark Selman…

Being in business as a financial advisor for over 20 years, I have had many valuable experiences with individuals and families. What I have found to be consistent for people to respond positively is to first lead them through a process of self-discovery. Years ago, one of my mentors taught me this simple concept: “People support what they help create.” I learned that showing people the “solution” before they have discovered the “problem” often results in a comment like “that’s interesting,” with no action taken. If they are ignorant of the reality of their current financial position or in denial, they will not see the “solution” as something they want or need. In fact, the “solution” could become the “problem.” As an example, they might say things like… “That’s too expensive” or “I don’t have the funds now, but maybe next year.” I truly believe you can achieve greater success by developing your distribution network.

Mark Selman offers securities through Resource Horizons Group, L.L.C. Member FINRA, SIPC. Mark Selman offers advisory services through Resource Horizons Investment Advisory, 1350 Church Street Ext., NE, 3rd Floor, Marietta, GA 30060 (770) 319-1970.

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  1. Great perspective Mark! Building a residual income as a Reliv Distributor is an enormous asset. Thanks.

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