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Wow!  What a fantastic experience.  As I write this, I have just returned from conference along with an army of tired, dedicated Reliv employees.  Hard work – you bet!  Worth it – no question!

To me, this is what helps make Reliv conferences special – the fact that, whenever possible, we ask our employees to  staff and operate all areas of the event.  This creates a unique opportunity for Distributors to get to meet the people behind their company in all departments.  These represent a sampling of the people committed to making these events memorable and impactful for all attendees.  It is our number one goal leading up to the show, on site and when we return since we know the true impact of conference isn’t fully realized until Distributors return home and decide how they will use what they heard to take action.

My perspective and that of many of my fellow marketers is different because much of what we do every day is “behind the curtain.”  The opportunity a conference offers to get closer to your goals and challenges is something we embrace and value.

Kurt-webThere are so many things that make a conference week special for me…

  • The opportunity to reconnect and catch up with Distributor friends from across the world.
  • The chance to see the immediate reaction to a new tool, product or promotion announced (plenty of that in Orlando).
  • The opportunity to see Distributors share their best practices with hundreds of others on the biggest stage of the year.
  • The thrill of seeing a dream come true as someone is recognized on stage for their accomplishments in Reliv.

Back at the office, we’ve been exchanging our favorite conference moments all day.  Those in marketing who were not in Orlando couldn’t wait to hear how it went and the response to the newly launched tools.  Those who were there to be a part of Orlando know this one was different and has the chance to be one of the most powerful events in our 25-year history.

What if you weren’t at the conference?  You need to get connected right now via our eblasts and the Reliv website (you are already reading this blog so that is a great start).  Subscribe to the blog if you haven’t already.  Get tuned in to all the new announcements, tools and information.  Call a Distributor who was in Orlando.  Find out what you missed and become a part of what they now have in their hands.

It’s up to you.  If you were in Orlando what will you do next?  Who will you tell this week about your experience – what you heard, what you learned and why you are ready to take action.

Shout it out! 

Remember, the most important part of conference is what you decide to do with it when you return home.

In marketing, we are just getting started!  I’ll have more updates on the latest from marketing very soon and I welcome your comments on what you saw at conference including our latest video tools and our new epigenetics brochure (you can order copies here).

Kurt Wulff

Vice President of Marketing

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  1. Congratulations to Reliv’s marketing department on the phenomenal videos, it explains epigenetics in a simple way way so distributors new & old don’t feel like they need to. I am sending a e-blast with the video attached to my entire address book.

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