Reliv Debuts New Video Series

Three new videos ideal for sharing online

Reliv today introduced a new kind of video series to an enthusiastic crowd at the Reliv 25 International Conference in Orlando. Three new videos fueled by graphics, stats and facts that inspire action are now available for sharing via email or social media at and YouTube.

1. You to SuperYou: Direct Your DNA Naturally Through Nutritional Epigenetics
Epigenetics explained. Follow your DNA on an animated journey from your parents to your kids as lifestyle choices determine which genes you turn on and off. Dr. Alfredo Galvez narrates the second half of the video to explain how lunasin works at the epigenetic level to promote optimal health. You’ll want to get this video in front of everyone! < ![CDATA[
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2. Your Simple Solution to Today’s Health Crisis
This impactful video presents the problem: modern diets have created epidemic rates of serious health problems. And then offers a solution: Reliv nutrition. Animated graphics, commentary from Dr. Carl Hastings and real-life success stories combine to deliver a compelling message.

3. How to Create Your Own Income-Producing Asset
Running a Reliv business is more than a job; it’s a sound investment in your future. You’ll see why creating residual income through Reliv makes financial sense and offers a range of benefits over traditional employment. Distributor success stories help bring all points to life.

12 thoughts on “Reliv Debuts New Video Series

  1. Reliv Lunsin has changed my life forever.As I stay connected to putting reliv products in my body. I am much more active, have energy, and sleep well, no more pain in my body. With these new video . I can take my busy to a new level. thank you. Happy 25 Anniversary.

  2. Thanks – great job Reliv! After learning so much this weekend at conference, we might think it is overwhelming to go home and share. It doesn’t have to be! I’m encouraging all to use these videos fresh from conference and the only thing we have to say is: “You’ve got to watch this!” It’s a game changer for your health and finances, and push the send button! Keeping it simple, fun and rewarding!

  3. Really loved and enjoy this new technology! RELIV and lunasin are keeping me healthy! It’s true with Reliv and good healthy life style choices I feel fantastic! Thanks Reliv

  4. Thank you Reliv – enjoyed seeing the videos at conference and it is exciting to always be on the cutting edge of the best nutrition with Reliv. I can already see a difference in better health with LunaRich X which is incredible since I never imagined that I could enjoy more health benefits after 10 years of feeling great with Reliv shakes.

  5. 3 years I been on the products. 3 years continuous results. Thank you Reliv for giving me not only my life back but giving me back to my family. With the inclusion of LunaRich in the products (also available in the UK, where I am), I’m excited about the improved results on top of the great results I’m already getting. Exciting times!

  6. Love the new videos!! Great job! This is such an amazing company and equally amazing products.

  7. Tina, I sent this to you this morning from home, but had an error, so just ignore if is duplicated.
    Would love to share more with you.

  8. We have had a lot of rain where I live. My driveway was coated in a thick layer of mold and algae. It was very slippery. I decided to take advantage of the break in the rain and pressure wash the driveway. I slipped and fell very hard on my rearend and lower back. To my utter amazement, I did not break anything and was able to get up and walk. Three days later, I still feel a little bruised, but the fall has not slowed me down at all. I believe it is because I have been taking Reliv for nearly 12 years and it has made me stronger and helps me to heal faster. By the way, I am 55 years old.

  9. Ponce de Leon has nothing on LunaRich – we have the REAL fountain of youth!!! I love LunaRich and all the new videos and aids

  10. Dear Mark,
    Could you please send me some written information on Reliv Products. I am searching to find information on who Reliv purchases their raw materials from ? Are any of their raw materials organic? I asked what is the safe amount of Reliv Now to take in 24 hrs.,since some vitamins are not water soluable and are stored. I was told by a director that you would have to take 23 cans in one worry about any side effects. ( I am not buying that answer) I am taking Reliv Products along with my Husband, and we are experiencing improved health. I am excited about the thought of becoming a Master Affiliate, although, I need these questions answered first. Thank you so much for your time. Sincerely, Patty

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