Reliv 25 Recognition

It’s the 25th Anniversary of Reliv and there is much to celebrate! Special congratulations to our newest Hall of Fame member, Mindy Jones! She attended her first Reliv Conference 23 years ago and has been growing a successful business ever since!InvestSuccess


Congratulation to the winners of our Reliv 25 promotion!

These winners finished in the top 25 in PGPV in the months of May-June 2013 and have won a cash bonus prize! They also enjoyed special seating at the Reliv 25 Conference in Orlando!    

25. Kathy Tennihan, SC $500

24. Jim & Marge Rodgers, IL $600

23. Bill & Elizabeth Martens, CANADA $700

22. Julie Moeller, CA $800

21. Ray Thomas & Mary Klotzbach, CA $900

20. Asad Suudi, OH $1,000

19. Tracy Wickenhauser, IL $1,100

18. Linda & Richard Vance, CA $1,200

17. Myron & Ilene Bontrager, KS $1,300

16. Norma & Peter Carlozzi, CA $1,400

15. Cayla Collins, NH $1,500

14. Abdi Hashi, ND $1,600

13. Robert & Lauren Laird, CA $1,700

12. Steve & Joyce Holthaus, IL $1,800

11. Isabel Suarez, IA $1,900

10. Sue Brusa, NH $2,000

9. Liz & Pete Vreeland, SC $2,250

8. Mark & Ann Metts, CA $2,500

7. Eileen & James Tesch, MI $2,750

6. Aurora & Raul Paredes, TX $3,000

5. Amy & Mark Thomas, PA $3250

4. Karen & Ron Turner, UT  $3,500

3. Crismon & Vivienne Lewis, OR $4,000

2. Trish & Doug Fischer, CO $5,000

1. Ura & Betty Gingerich, WI $6,000


These 25K Club winners achieved 25,000 PGPV in May-June 2013 combined and have earned an exclusive Reliv 25 trophy plus recognition on stage in Orlando!

Sue Brusa, NH

Trish & Doug Fischer, CO

Ura & Betty Gingerich, WI

Steve & Joyce Holthaus, IL

Robert & Lauren Laird, CA

Crismon & Vivienne Lewis, OR

Mark & Ann Metts, CA

Aurora & Raul Paredes, TX

Isabel Suarez, IA

Eileen & James Tesch, MI

Amy & Mark Thomas, PA

Karen & Ron Turner, UT

Liz & Pete Vreeland, SC


These winners of our Sponsor 5 for 25 promotion personally sponsored five new Distributors between May and June 2013 and have earned a framed Reliv 25 commemorative 16×20 print signed by Reliv Chairman and CEO Robert L. Montgomery and Vice Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Carl Hastings!

Tania Bartlett, NEW ZEALAND

Rosemary Bell, MO

Robert & Jean Benna, PA

Sue Brusa, NH

Joyce Burns,GA

Glenys & Wayne Clarke, AUSTRALIA

Cayla Collins, NH

Stephanie & Paul Collins, NH

Sally & Terry Cover, PA

Lynne Culph, AUSTRALIA

Richard Ferrari & Audrey Garrison, WA

Kilisitina & Siaki Finau, NEW ZEALAND

Karen Fong, CA

Herb & Michelle Fox, CANADA

Ura & Betty Gingerich, WI

Carlos & Maria Gomez, AZ

George & Debbi Grenz, OR

Becky & Scott Hanson, OR

Hawo Hared, OH

Trisha Hibberd, MI

Willie Hill, TN

Carmen Hobson, OH

Linda & Eugene Hodge, LA

Melissa Mackey-Huriwai & Mike Huriwai, NEW ZEALAND

Barlin Jamac, OH

Sharon & Greg Johnson, CA

Naomi Kesi Ngahe, NEW ZEALAND

Ian & Judy King, AUSTRALIA

Kelly & Paul Kingi, NEW ZEALAND

Roy Thomas & Mary Klotzbach, CA

Steve & Louise Kohl, WA

Jean Kozlowski, TX

Robert & Lauren Laird, CA

Manley & Brenda Lane, ME

Richard & Debra Larsen, UT

David & Eileen Leeds, FL

Crismon & Vivienne Lewis, OR

Candice & Paul List, CA

Dawnita Lloyd, LA

Teresa & Gary Long, AZ

Barbara Martin, CO

Althea Maylor-Lewis, NC

Keenan & April McClellan, IA

Feliciano Mendoza, TX

Julie Moeller, CA

Rita & Jaime Montenegro, CA

Debbi & David Murphey, IN


Rebecca Olotu, TX

Petra Ortiz, CA

Aurora & Raul Paredes, TX

Mika & Weston Patch, MI

Lou Ann & Michael Pecorelli, UT

Macaria Perez, CA

Dolores Poulin, NE

Linda & Jess Ramos, NE

Vernon Regehr, MI

Terry Rondberg, CA


Florence & Elo Sauder, CANADA

Jim & Sandy Schaben, NE

Sherri Selman, GA

Oretha Shokunbi, HI

Douglas & Mary Skidmore, MD


Maureen & Ken Soens, MI

Ellen Solorzano, CA

Pamela Steiner, TN

Holly Stern & Donald Prather, OR

Kim Stewart, GA

Isabel Suarez, IA

Sarah & John Thoenen, MO

Chris Toriello & Mark Gauger, ME

Charlotte Turpin, LA

Taylor Ulufonua, NEW ZEALAND

Dawn & David Vanamberg, MI

Linda & Richard Vance, CA

Julia Warga, FL

Scott & Deborah Weaver, PA

Annette & David Wells, MI


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  1. Congratulations Mindy! Job well done. You are a true example of a dedicated leader with a heart to care and share with others, and I appreciate all you’ve done for me. AND – it was so special it happened on the 25th Anniversary celebration!

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