July Reliv 25 Contest


July is the month to celebrate American independence, so we wanted to know — in what ways has Reliv given you freedom? Are you more free to move? Travel? Live the way you want to live?

you sent in your entries in 25 words or less and here are the winners!

“Reliv has given me freedom in more ways than I could imagine! Freedom from pain, freedom from stress and freedom to be with my three kids instead of a 40-hour per week job!” – Debbi Grenz

“I’ve got my energy back, improved my mental clarity and am able to walk without pain! I have visited Europe and walked through castles and museums!” – Cindy Carr

“I have the freedom to do things right and always help people. No bosses, no politics, no excuses. Just do right and make a difference!” – Robert Laird

“We’ve had great health with no medical limitations and a monthly income for 17 years allowing us to retire early, travel and give 100% to our families.” – Mike & Shirley Michelozzi


“Reliv has given me 17 years of family and time freedom as a stay-at-home mother to my two girls, who are now 17 and 19.” – Dawn Hesselink-VanAmberg

“Reliv has given me the freedom of healthy and the ability to move my body. I’ve lost 39 pounds, run a half marathon and I wake up each morning feeling wonderful. I’m able to travel to visit my children and grandchildren, and have the freedom to work at doing what I believe in with all my heart! Thank you Reliv for my new way of life!” – Sheryl Nieman-Hancock

“Because of Reliv we have been able to spend time with our family, travel the world and have balance in our lives.” – Steve & Joyce Holthaus

“Since December 31, I’ve lost more than 30 pounds with Reliv! I’m more confident at work and sharing my story with others!” – Bobby Robles



2 thoughts on “July Reliv 25 Contest

  1. Reliv has given me permission to dream again. There is no price on that freedom. Just being a new distributor I can shine with sharing my story of better rest and restored energy even after one week

  2. Reliv allows me to be a small part of the big job of nourishing our world together through the Kologris foundation and that rocks!

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