5 Healthy Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

When temperatures and prices for gas and food are all skyrocketing, it may seem like summer can’t come without cost to your health and pocketbook. If you’re struggling to find fun for the family, check out these health-conscious and inexpensive ideas for entertainment.

 1. Fake a Vacation: Try a Stay-cation

Keep your vacation bill lower by staying at home and visiting places within driving distance. Like any vacation, you’ll need to do your research. Check your city’s calendar for free events, and explore your town for places you’ve never been, including healthy eating options. Staying home allows you to be more conscious of what you are eating than when you’re in a new place with unfamiliar meal options, and it replaces the long hours of sitting in the car with walking tours of your hometown.

 2. Make a Cool Drink

An activity and a snack all in one! Create popsicles with Innergize! and fresh fruit, or experiment with new ingredients in your favorite Reliv shake to keep your body temperature down. Lemon Innergize! can also jumpstart a favorite summer tradition, the lemonade stand. Delicious and hydrating, a lemonade stand can also be one of the first opportunities to teach your kids about earning and spending money wisely.

 3. Stake a Spot Outside

Stepping out your front door doesn’t cost a thing and is one of the best ways to keep your kids from spending their summer glued to electronics. Take them to a park for time on the playground and games of tag, or hike together for exercise. You can make up scavenger hunts for plants and animals to keep them from becoming tired more quickly, too. For an evening activity, choose backyard camping complete with stargazing and sleeping in a tent. Don’t forget to use the proper amount of sunscreen and bug spray when you’re outside so your fun doesn’t turn sour the next day.

4. Take Up Family Night-In

If it’s too hot or the rain won’t stop, spend an evening indoors. For dinner, let each person pick a dish to make. If your kids are too young to handle the responsibility alone, let them shop for ingredients on a family trip to the grocery store or farmer’s market. Then, let them stir or put the recipe into the baking pan. You can add an extra challenge to see who can create the healthiest part of the meal.

 5. Shake up movie night

Host an outdoor family movie night, which prevents another night on the couch and spending money on sugar-filled movie theater snacks. Invite family friends over so both adults and kids have friends to spend time with, and ask each family to bring a healthy snack like a veggie tray or fruit salad. All you need to do is find a projector and hang up a sheet. Choose a movie from your or another family’s collection, or check out a free one from the library.

Want more ideas for healthy and cheap snacks and activities? Check out our Pinterest board “Beat the Heat” for low-cost/high-fun summer plans.


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