The Reliv Business Opportunity: A Real Financial Tool

Financial advisor D. Mark Selman offers his insights into approaching people about the Reliv opportunity.

By D. Mark Selman

Most people dream of having money freedom and time freedom, and hope they will one day realize those dreams. Others have simply given up, not believing there is a possible solution. Reliv Distributors have a powerful financial tool to offer! What I believe can make a real difference in your business development program is how the business opportunity is first presented.

While we certainly don’t want to make people feel inferior about their present position, giving them a “reality check” in a professional way can open minds and hearts. Plus, it can let them know that you really care about them, and not simply wanting to make a sales pitch and move on.

One possible approach could be first asking questions like—

  • How do you feel about your current job/career/business?
  • Are you passionate about what you do?
  • Do you make enough money?

Make this a very low-tension discussion, actively listen and people will likely respond very positively. They will appreciate the opportunity to connect with you in a very real-life way. Then begin sharing with them the concept of what they would need to do to accumulate $1 million dollars.

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What to do with $1 million dollars? Most people want to have $1 million dollars but don’t know what it takes to get there. They often become intimidated. Ask them if they would answer a few questions to help them see how this applies to their situation –

  • What is your monthly income now?
  • Your projected retirement income?
  • Additional monthly income needed to maintain your current lifestyle?

After they see their “problem,”you could then transition into asking them if they would like to learn more about how the Reliv business opportunity could assist them. When people realize the mountain they need to climb to achieve their dreams, I believe they will be more receptive and attentive to your presentation of the Reliv business and compensation plan.

In our next discussion, we will talk about the intrinsic value of a Reliv business with residual income; and how one can create a “millionaire’s income” in a shorter period of time, even if they are starting from zero.

About the Author, D. Mark Selman

Being in business as a financial advisor for more than 20 years, Mark has had many valuable experiences with individuals and families. What he has found to be consistent for people to respond positively is to first lead them through a process of self- discovery. Years ago, one of his mentors taught him this simple concept—“People support what they help create.” Mark learned that showing people the “solution” before they have discovered the “problem” often results in a comment like “that’s interesting” with no action taken. If they are ignorant of the reality of their current financial position or in denial, they will not see the “solution” as something they want or need. In fact, the “solution” could become the “problem.” As an example, they might say things like… “That’s too expensive.” “I don’t have the funds now, but maybe next year.” Mark truly believes you can achieve greater success by developing your distribution network.

Mark Selman offers securities through Resource Horizons Group, L.L.C. Member FINRA, SIPC. Mark Selman offers advisory services through Resource Horizons Investment Advisory, 1350 Church Street Ext., NE, 3rd Floor, Marietta, GA 30060 (770) 319-1970.





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