How to Use Pinterest for Your Business

What is Pinterest?
Have you ever wanted a space to collect inspiring images and great ideas you find online? Pinterest is the place! You can collect your favorite recipes, articles and blog posts in one location. These posts are organized by category into boards that cover all aspects of your Reliv lifestyle.

It’s a place where you can socialize and share content through comments, likes and repins with like-minded people (and potential customers!).

Tip! Create and organize boards by business tips, recipes, dream destinations and other things related to your Reliv business.


How can Pinterest help my business?
Pinterest is a community of people who share posts and follow each other’s pins for inspiration and encouragement. It fits perfectly with the Reliv lifestyle and can help business builders with goal setting and planning.

You can display your Reliv lifestyle to others and show them what it means to be healthy, fun, financially secure and family-oriented. You’ll find and share inspiration for your creative side as well as your business interests.

Tip! You can pin and repin items to your boards for easy reference. Your followers will be encouraged to repin what you have posted!



Best Pinning Practices
• Keep your boards simple by sticking to a cohesive theme.
• Check the repins from other boards on Pinterest to make sure they link to the appropriate item.
• Follow other pinners to get more eye candy to repin.
• Find original content to pin that build brand awareness of your business with visually compelling content.
• Add a “Pin to Pinterest” button to your browser for easy pinning.

Did you know?
Pinterest generates more referral traffic back to websites than Google+, Yahoo! and LinkedIn combined!

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