Zig Ziglar, Endorphins and Reliv International Conference

I was listening to a Zig Ziglar motivational podcast this morning on the way to work: “Plan for your Success” from March 15, 2013. It’s about 16 minutes long, and you can find it in the iTunes store. While listening, I heard a tie to one of the biggest reasons you need to come to the Reliv 25 International Conference in Orlando.


At the end, he talked about a doctor who did a study on Zig’s attendees from a four hour seminar he gave. The doctor took blood samples before and after the talk. The doctor found that the levels of dopamine, serotonin and endorphins (all these neuro-transmitters) were up to 300% higher. The attendees were energized physiologically! They were motivated to do those things that otherwise they were too scared or complacent.

My amateur theory is that’s what happens with all of our Distributors when they come to conference. You can’t help but get motivated when you hear the stories of success told from stage by your peers, by people who started where you are now. You feed off the energy in the crowd when Bob and Carl get standing ovations simply by walking out on the stage. You get excited when you hear actionable nuggets from the Distributor leaders in the workshops and you can’t wait to get home to try them.

Every day you leave that room filled with enthusiasm about building your Reliv business. You walk a little taller with confidence. You start planning, preparing and expecting your success. (Just like Zig talks about in this podcast!)


People always ask us to put recordings of the key segments from conference up on our website so people who didn’t get to attend can review. And I’m sure some people find value in these recordings. With my non-science background, I don’t see how sitting at a computer by yourself, listening to these recordings could possibly replicate that physiological reaction by being in the room live at conference. You might hear the information and take some notes but you won’t get that sparkle in your gut, that tingle in your heart or that giant smile on your face when you are surrounded by a room full of sparkly, tingly, smiling, motivated Reliv Distributors.

So what’s the lesson from Zig Ziglar today? Get to International Conference in Orlando!

Chris Scherting is the Director of Marketing for Reliv and a loyal SoySentials fan! In the last year she has discovered a new love of golf and gardening. She is also a Facebook Cat Poster…her sweet shughar pie Persian cat Winston has his own Facebook page and he is ridiculously cute!

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