Love in Action: The Reliv Kalogris Foundation

Aurora Paredes, Dallas, Texas

The Reliv Kalogris Foundation is so close to our hearts. We are literally changing lives in Haiti and around the world. It’s love in action. My family has always believed that because we are given much, we are expected to do much for others. The moment we heard about Reliv, we were blessed, and we have an obligation to share these wonderful products with
the world.LoveinAction-web
A teacher at a school we visited in the Philippines told us that before Reliv the children had been too weak and hungry to even sit for their lessons. By the time we saw them, they were singing and dancing! They’re so much healthier with proper nutrition, and the assistance we provide will help future generations for years to come.

We live in a global community. What happens in one part of the world really does affect the whole world. We must remember that there are more children out there waiting for us to help them. The impact we can make with just a small amount of money — how much you’d spend on a cup of coffee or even the coins in your pockets — can save the lives of these
children and provide them with a brighter future. I’m so blessed to be part of this company. Words cannot explain the wonderful things that the Reliv Kalogris Foundation is doing. I can’t fathom retiring from sharing such a blessing with others, and I hope that the generosity of Reliv Distributors continues to benefit humankind for many years to come.

3 thoughts on “Love in Action: The Reliv Kalogris Foundation

  1. Beautiful story Aurora and Raul. You both examplify the heart of the foundation!

  2. You are really the best examples of what it means to “Pay it Forward”. You both have such a giving spirit and Reliv is a much better company because of your efforts!! Blessed to call you guys friends!!

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