Because of Reliv: I Can Follow My Passion for Photography


Harlan Humphrey,
Piedmont, South Dakota

Reliv has allowed me to pursue a passion for nature photography. I’d never have been able to do it without the time, freedom and resources that Reliv has given me. The cameras that I use for wildlife photography are very expensive, but I’m able to afford them because of my Reliv business. I always take my camera when I travel to tell people about Reliv. It allows me to capture images all over the place. I even took photos of endangered whooping cranes while at the National Conference in Austin, Texas.

One thought on “Because of Reliv: I Can Follow My Passion for Photography

  1. Watching the incredible stories like this one life changing freedom story keeps me excited for more opportunities to help keep the hope for freedom to pursue peoples dreams and keep alive!

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