Growing in Europe: Jason Gregory

My background is in business development, and my job as an IT middle manager was paying me well but taking me away from my family. Six years ago, my family got great health results with Reliv so I decided to go to my first Reliv meeting. Today, I work the business full time and get to spend a lot of time with my wife and children. We travel more than ever. I have the privilege of helping other people develop strong incomes from home.

I am so excited about what is happening in Europe right now. The growth over the last four years has been incredible, and it’s rewarding to have been part of that. The people of Europe are hungry to change their situations. We have seen so many people improve their own health and finances, all while changing the lives of so many others. I’ve lost count of how many European Ambassadors there are now!

My wife and I feel very privileged to be the first Reliv Inner Circle members in Europe and look forward to many more European leaders following our lead.

-Jason Gregory, Waltham Abbey, UK

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